Audio Transcript from @ThatBrianFella (Twitter) Video Dated April 19, 2020

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Credit and Gratitude for Video -Brian McPherson @thatbrianfella (twitter) Incredibly Average (youtube)

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Australia’s Bloody Aftermath! NEW UNCENSORED AUDIO!!

Start Video: (00:00) Introduction from Brian:

Hi everyone. Welcome back. I hope everyone is still doing well and protecting yourselves and staying occupied in this new reality of ours.

I want to get to this new audio as quick as I can. I won’t be interrupting it once it begins, so you won’t have to worry about that, but I will offer up a short introduction to introduce characters, set the scene, add context and points to focus on that I hope will have you much more informed and less confused as you listen.

I cannot stress enough that this audio, secretly recorded by Amber Heard, takes place essentially in a crime scene moments after, according to evidence, Amber angrily and violently severed Johnny’s finger, but now claims she was physically and sexually assaulted.

I made a video on the evidence, witness testimony and 3-D recreation surrounding this alleged incident. If you want to give that a watch first it might help you follow along better here.

A small portion of this audio was reported on recently by the “Daily Mail.” This version will be uncensored and will use some of the same audio, but much of it has never been heard before.

I’ve cut it down from hours of white noise, no noise, cleaning sounds and non-speaking to get a much cleaner product and one that I believe is much more accurate in terms of what is actually being said and what has been reported on already.

Fair warning though, there are some loud moments, so I am sorry for your headphones.

The voices you are going to hear:

Amber Heard:

Amber is the one who secretly recorded this whole thing for reasons only she knows. Taking place in Queensland, Australia on March 08, 2015, mere moments after she claimed to have been physically assaulted, pushed, punched repeatedly, choked, slammed and dragged naked over broken glass; allegedly leaving her with a swollen nose, a busted bloody lip and countless slashes all over her arms, legs, feet and body.

“The Sun” newspaper, who Johnny Depp is suing for defamation, has not only parroted (copied) these ever-changing allegations, but are now helping her by adding claims that she was also sexually assaulted during this alleged incident.

Johnny Depp:

Johnny has submitted evidence that he was the one assaulted during this incident, with Amber throwing a large vodka bottle, breaking and severing his finger and burning his face with a cigarette.

Dr. David Kipper and Nurse Debbie Lloyd:

Amber would have you believe this duo, who specialize in addiction, were solely tasked with helping Johnny. But as you listen to the audio, you will realize they are very much present to help deal with Amber, who is having what I can only describe, in my opinion, as a manic episode.

Make note that during the entire audio, not only does Amber not speak as someone who just moments earlier had been physically and sexually assaulted, but these medical professionals, along with everyone else present that you will hear, are not even acknowledging any existence of the horrifying physical injuries Amber now claims she received.

And let me make it very clear, Dr. Kipper and Debbie Lloyd are members of Amber’s official medical team as well.  I think she doesn’t want you to know she was receiving treatment for her own addictions and psychological patterns and tendencies. In fact, their goal seems to be to calm her from her episode with “Seroquel,” an anti-psychotic drug, which Amber took regularly.

Ben King:

Ben was the estate manager for the couples rented home while in Australia. He also flew home with Amber to drop her off with her friends and make sure she didn’t “kick-off,” again.

Jerry Judge: (May He Rest In Peace)

Jerry, who has since died, can be heard in the majority of the audio. He was head of security for Johnny at the time, and it is very clear he, at this point, was already very familiar with Ambers tactics of manipulation. You will hear him talking to others in person, and on phone calls with various members of Johnny’s team.  

There are interactions with Amber, in which she appears to be scrambling to tell a story about what happened, a story that has continued to evolve to this day, and at the time, included nothing of physical or sexual abuse.

I’ll offer some closing comments at the end. I would really appreciate it if you stick around and didn’t just take the audio without understanding the information surrounding it.

So here goes:

(03:49) End of introduction from Brian

(03:50) Begin Audio from March 08, 2015

Amber: Johnny! I’m Sorry!

Johnny: [Sorry] for what you did

Amber: I didn’t mean to…

Johnny: I guess you’re leaving Monday… I wish you fucking understood what you are and who you are… and how you fucked me over and make me feel sick… of myself! […]

Dr. Kipper: … [wearing out]

Johnny: Uh… that she kicked someone…

Dr. Kipper: Because there’s still time – there’s still time enough to get this put back on. He’s going to need a skin graft. Otherwise he’s going to need a skin graft probably. But I’m trying to find where they put the… So… she did this. Look Ben… look – she… I can’t find the fingertip.

Debbie: What?

Dr. Kipper: I can’t find the fingertip.

Debbie: Here – This is blood. All this is all blood.

Dr. Kipper: I know but it would have been – I looked Debbie – and it would have been where the initial injury…

Debbie: Holy Fuck.

Dr. Kipper: Well actually it could be in here too.

Debbie: Wow wow wow…

Dr. Kipper: So – I just – so you know – I don’t know if you can tell from it, but she shattered the bone.

Debbie: Awesome… (sarcasm)

Dr. Kipper: Trying to… in this mess. Probably going to want this, but we shouldn’t take it.

Debbie: I’ll show Nathan. It’s fine…

Dr. Kipper: The majority of the blood, Debbie, is downstairs. But I went through that really carefully. Oh, wait there’s a – someone tried to clean something up… You know I’m really concerned because he’s got a lot of paint.

Debbie: A lot of pain?

Dr. Kipper: Paint. A lot of pain also. Blue paint – you saw it…

Debbie: No

Dr. Kipper: But it’s a – it’s a very vulnerable – it’s going to get infected and… He’s going to need a skin graft… My reasoning, which may be wrong, should be where all the blood is… and that’s down there.

Debbie: Yea I’m going to take it – let me go give this to Hans and I’ll come back and look.

Dr. Kipper: And Deb?

Debbie: Uh huh

Dr. Kipper: I’ve looked at it really carefully, plus I – Ben’s down there. He didn’t – he couldn’t see it either.

Debbie: Okay

Dr. Kipper: Couldn’t find it. Alright Jerry…

Amber: It’s not in the trash in the entrance… or…

Dr. Kipper: My advice – Amber’s got to take care of herself. We’re going to take care of him. They can’t be together now. It’s going to send her off – she’s become really combative. So, however – Amber – I think she should be in Los Angeles with her support system. And this has to run its course. And this is not going to be one – it’s going to be [a] few days…  

Amber: (Amber stomps away)

Debbie: How bad [is it]?

Amber: (Amber begins wailing in the background)

Debbie: I think somebody needs to fly with her.

Dr. Kipper: Jerry can fly with her.

Debbie: She won’t have Jerry.

Dr. Kipper: She doesn’t have a choice.

Debbie: She told me she hadn’t [?] in weeks.

Dr. Kipper: Just – I don’t give a shit – I mean I know it’s… I don’t mean to invalidate what you’re saying to me but…

Debbie: No but I was just wondering if there’s another person. That’s what I am saying.  

Dr. Kipper: Well I ask – I asked those same questions earlier… And it always comes back to Jerry going with her and should for that reason. That’s he’s not going to be manipulated. He’s a strong guy.

Debbie: Um yea – is there a trash that has bandages in it?

Dr. Kipper: Oh yea… good work Ben.

Debbie: Don’t mess with that house plant.

Dr. Kipper: Is he gone, by the way?

Debbie: Yes. Which I feel like they should have another car take him or if they can’t, go out to get him.

Dr. Kipper: Now look through this. I looked through it once and I didn’t see anything that looked like flesh. I bet – I bet it’s in here.

Amber: (all because I’m here)

Dr. Kipper: He’s got this all over him. I mean he’s going to get infected. So Deb, we have to… Looks like he tried to do something.

Amber: [Is it hurt?]

Debbie: How big of a piece of skin are we looking for?

Dr. Kipper: You’re looking at this. You’re looking at like a third of the tip of the finger. And it’s – I mean he’s going to get a cellulitis.

Amber: Johnny thinks [?] he thinks it’s my fault… what do I do?

Dr. Kipper: I’d love somebody to go through… Maybe she should have something

Amber: [Poor Johnny]

Dr. Kipper: How can you deal with that?

Amber: I… love him! I never meant to hurt him!

Debbie: Is there something we can give her?

Amber: I didn’t do it on purpose!

Dr. Kipper: I told Ben we’d cover if the police investigate.

Debbie: Can I give her like 50 of Seroquel?

Dr. Kipper: What?

Debbie: 50 of Seroquel?

Dr. Kipper: Exactly

Amber: He needs me right now! He needs me!

Debbie: 300 […]?

Dr. Kipper: Yea

Debbie: She only usually takes 25. You want her to take 50?

Amber: I’m going to the bathroom…

Dr. Kipper: Of the Seroquel?

Debbie: Yea

Dr. Kipper: I’d be okay with 100 but give her 50.

Amber: I’m sorry… I’m sorry

Dr. Kipper: No, I’ll tell you what’s suddenly happening, with her. This is guilt – this is – this is guilt.  

Debbie: She won’t take 50. I gave her 25 and 300 and said we’d reassess in a little bit.

Amber: I don’t want to go… It’s never … over. I just feel like this is a nightmare! I don’t want to – I don’t want to go… if he stays… I don’t want people talking… I don’t feel like it! [I can’t lose him!] I don’t know… I don’t want to leave!

Jerry: I understand…

Amber: Go back and say what?!

Jerry: Ben’s going to go as we speak. I’m staying. David’s still not letting her talk to John. So, you know what’s going on. She made it look personal. She called Christi. Because when I told Christi – and… I told Christi that she called him a fat old man. And I’m talking to her. She’s listening… She wants to go wherever he is. She knows she’s going home. She thinks she’s… in the house right now.

Amber: Did I do… this to the whole… floor?

Jerry: Sit down. Sit down – sit. Listen here.

Amber: Well upstairs there’s… cool

Jerry: Amber – How long since you took it?

Amber: And this was today by the way. Not just the painting thing… and he just…

Jerry: Let’s discuss the cabinet and the glass window. Amber maybe we should… this out

Amber: (Slams door then locks it)


Jerry: She’s upstairs at the moment. No no no no no no no – I think we’ll keep her at Brisbane… Brisbane airport, and keep her well in [?]. At the moment… he’s in Malcolm’s room. He is asleep. He’s sleeping like a baby, so he’s good. And I’m talking to her… and hopefully she’ll let us do what we want to do. But she hasn’t given me a final answer that she’ll go. She doesn’t want to go home. She wants to stay here and see him. So… Well Ben’s saying – Ben is saying she’s happy she – he’s happy to go with her, so you know. I’ve got – She’s talking to me and she keeps crying… she keeps holding my hand.

Jerry: She’s made it quite clear to me, she said “I thought I trusted you and I don’t because you told Christi that I called Johnny a fat old man.” And I said, “Yes I did.” And I said…

Jerry: No no… I’m – I’m – That’s alright. She turned around and said “Johnny had a phone call at five different times over the last couple of weeks saying his sister said that Jerry told him” – This is what she was just saying to me.

Jerry: I said “Amber, you said a bunch of things, but I’m not going to lie to you. I told you I would never lie for you nor to you… and I won’t lie to John.” So – and she is talking to me. She’s obviously crying up and down, up in her room. And they gave her some meds. And Debbie said – Amber said she’d sleep for 2 to 3 hours. Just so you know, I’ve still got another one in my pocket. Which David gave me and said if she wakes up too early, give her another one or she won’t sleep through the night.

Jerry: So, we’re deciding what to do and hoping she’ll crack. I don’t know if we can, but we’ve all got to get her up and get her on that plane in the morning. Ben’s happy to fly with her. But what we also need to do is have this place cleaned up.

Jerry: This… Um well no – I’ve already played with the devil once. I’m happy to do so – I’m happy to answer. Doesn’t bother me at all. I’m happy to get her back and hand her over. Um, and we let nature take its course. But I’ve already [talked to] Stephen. Tomorrow has to be canceled – film wise has to be canceled. Ok, he’s in no fit state. He’s in no fit state.

Jerry: Okay… alright. I hear what you’re saying. I hear what you’re saying. I’m just – I – I’ve seen Johnny hurt… I’ve never seen him this hurt, ever. And honestly, he wrecked this place. I mean – it’s wrecked. The window’s broken, there’s a TV – I know she did it. There was a cup thrown. It missed. There’s been bottles thrown. And she – she admits to me she threw the first one – she threw a bottle at him. She did it first.

Jerry: She admits to me and I say to her, “he wants a settlement.”  And she says “I disagreed and refused to do it in my temper and he – he was – he…” – was shouting at her and screaming at her.

Jerry: She has scratches on her left arm, which Debbie talked about. I looked at it… and I’ve seen those scratches before on other people… and as far as I’m concerned, they’re self-inflicted. I’m convinced of that. They’re self-inflicted. He – Christi… At the moment – at the moment. I’ll do a deal with the devil and calm this lady down. Because we’ll be sending a car to Kipper. To trim [her] down. And I told him “we need you on this to get this whole thing calmed down.”

Jerry: And you know me – “I’ve been hurt this – I’ve been hurt that – he…” (Amber) And she admitted also that she hit him first. She actually hit him in the face. But he has a small burn on the right-hand side of his face. Which she says, “I’ve seen that yesterday.” Which he said – she said on Friday he got a cigarette – and put it onto his own face with a cigarette, he was so out of it.

Jerry:  He – he’s not well. We need to help him out in every way we possibly can. But we need to… and I’ll try to convince her. She can’t do any good here. She’s still kind of listening and sometimes not and I said, “you can’t help him. You can’t. You two need to be separated. You can speak to him on the phone but you need to leave him alone.”

Jerry: By the way, we have now found a piece of flesh from the top of his finger, okay? It’s packed in ice. It’s on its way back to – I’ve already spoke with Malcom. It’s packed in ice and it’s on its way back now in a bag wrapped up with Hans. He just thinks it is Johnny’s bandage. And I’m still talking to her. I’ll be honest with you; she is responding to me. She breaks down every five minutes. She has made it quite clear that he has told her that I’m on my last 2 weeks of my job…

Jerry: And then she said, “I have stood up for you so many times but how could you let me down by telling Christi that I called him a fat old man?”

Jerry: And I said, “I did, because I’m not going to lie for you Amber – I’m not lying to John.”

Jerry: And then 5 minutes later – 5 minutes later she said to me, “Do you think he loves me?” No love… I’d cancel that for now until we can – well she pretends that she’s going to go there peacefully. I’m just – to LA.

Jerry: Ben has said he’d go with her, but Christi said, “May I ask it be you or Malcolm?” It has to be someone stronger in case she “kicks off,” yea? So, we hope that we’ve convinced her to go and stay in a hotel. And I’ll go back and ask her just in case. I’ll see what Malcolm wants to do. I’ll see what Malcolm wants to do. Because Malcolm has said… it’s not, it’s um his mom – if he wants to fly home back to England, I’ll send him. If not, I’m going to have to go to LA with her to get her out of here.

Jerry: Look – it’s all hit and miss – it’s all – and one minute she agrees and, “No no no. I’ll stay here.” I tried to get her earlier to go pack her bags, to get her out of here tonight and go back. Stephen when I tell you, I’ve been budgeting this out. There’s fifty (50) to $75,000 worth of damages here. There’s – blood everywhere. And I’ll – we’ll clean it up. There are 3 settees – at least 2 of them are covered in blood so bad we won’t get it all off. The bedroom upstairs is a fucking…

Jerry: She… down in the bar – he drank everything in the last week. In the past week at all but I don’t know. She [according] to her – “within 2 hours he took 10 – 10 ecstasy tablets.” She… “once this is all over – this is not the time to talk about it, you know what I’m saying. [?]”

Jerry: “I’m frightened, if someone keeps supplying him, he’s going to OD (over-dose) on this.” She said, “But on top of that, he drank tequila – he drank vodka.” She said, “How good can vodka cover the breath?” Because she said, “He didn’t want me to smell it.”

Jerry: “When I came down to help him, he was drinking, ok? He calmed down; he did stop drinking for (Dr.) Kipper.” – “And then he picked up one of the bottles and threw it through a window.”

Jerry: Right, um, I know… But I know he’s asleep at the moment – resting. Hang on a second – I don’t disagree. I’m not going to say she did it or he did it. But I found bottles that were empty, and David’s not done it… and David said it’s not poured down the sink. But when I was here yesterday- yesterday, she was stone cold sober – she doesn’t smell of booze. So, if you can, find out more from him. I can’t say, I don’t fucking know.

Jerry: Stephen, if you were here now and listened to the way she’s talking to me… everything that’s happened here is completely Johnny’s fault. All she wants to do – all she needs to do is – look, Stephen I’ll admit, I’ll give her anything to get her the fuck out of here. That’s all I want to do. And I’ve told you. Christi said, “what if she declines?”

Jerry: I said, “I will tell her everything she wants to hear – We need her the fuck out of here. She’s got to go back.”


Ben: I said – I just said I’d give her a couple of minutes and then… Any [news] as to what went at the TV or…

Jerry: Looked like a cup hit the TV

Ben: Right

Jerry: Yea the cup hit the TV

Ben: Could be evidence

Jerry: I’ll be honest with you… I think she did it

Ben: You do?

Jerry: How come – It’s why I think she was here. And I think she did it because he’s already sitting over there. Wouldn’t make any fucking difference. Doesn’t make any fucking difference, does it?

Ben: No, Um… I say we give her a couple of minutes then help her finish packing.

Jerry: I need to know – I need to know what…

Ben: … hotel. We need to look because she is up for it.

Jerry: Let me know and I’ll get on with Christi…

Ben: Let me know just as quick as you can…

Jerry: Be careful mate. Even when she’s in there – up in her room, she listens to you.

Ben: She left a ‘bag,’ did she? Accidentally, did she?

Jerry: Why do you think she’s doing coke (cocaine)? Maybe she did that … You think she’s using coke (cocaine) on the side and then that screws with her medicine?

Ben: I’m not sure why

Jerry: You know who could have got it for her? Nathan.

Ben: This is on me, until we – I know he’s going to be coming by to get this place cleaned.

Jerry: Listen to me… If it was Nathan, I’d have to make myself just walk out because I’d get angry. And it’s – if he’s got him paying for it, then Nathan’s probably going to lose his job.

Ben: Probably so… What happens if… you know it’s – it’s an impossible situation.

Jerry: It is. It is.


Jerry: He’s awake – I presume he’s awake. That’s what they’re saying. Hans said they just left the hotel. So I‘m assuming he’s awake, for them to take him down there to have it done. And I will say, it is true the quicker you get it done, the quicker it takes. It’ll heal up a lot quicker, okay? Okay, let’s see what we can just – get the room – 2 rooms in my name or whatever… the 2 rooms just using my name and we’ll see what she wants to do. Don’t get me wrong, she’s changing her mind every 5 minutes, okay?

Jerry: Yeah… I understand… Okay… Well he’s, he’s… I’ll be honest with you, I believe – I do believe they was she is… We need – if she “kicks off,” we need someone strong like me or Malcolm to be with her. But, but, I would say Ben has been upstairs with her for two hours, he’s talking to her and he has a way of just keeping her calm.

Jerry: What I do not want to do at the moment, is jeopardize what we’re doing with Johnny because his finger comes first. And you know what, seriously love, if she has to stay here an extra 24 hours until we get him sorted out, fuck it, she stays here for another 24 hours if we have to. Because Johnny, Johnny’s more important.

Jerry: I’ll be honest, the way she’s talking – she’s breaking down and crying – the same moment, she’s packing a bag. So, she knows what she’s doing, I don’t think she intends to do anything stupid. She keeps saying, “I don’t want to lose him,” [and] “I don’t want to leave him.”

Jerry: And we are saying, “Look, he needs some time on his own, and then when he is on his own… we’ll remind him and then you two can talk on the phone, and then you can come back.” But no matter what happens, she needs to leave Australia, to get the fuck out of here. She really does. And that is Dr. Kipper’s idea apparently.

Jerry: She said he downed at least a bottle of vodka, a bottle of tequila, … And at one point she reckons he took 10 ecstasy tablets, that were in the bag.

Jerry: The other thing is, she has made it quite clear to me – She said “I stood up for you on a number of occasions, and I trusted you, but I don’t trust you anymore.” Because apparently, over the last 2 days, Johnny has turned around and said, “you’re a fat old man.” – I didn’t say that  and she said, “yes you are, because Christi told me because she said that Jerry [went] in on me.”

Jerry: And she asked me… and I said, “Yes I did.”

Jerry: Hey love. Okay, we’re still talking, I’m trying to help Ben clean up as much as we can. She seems quite happy, I’m asking her. She seems to be happy if Ben travels with her. Now she is also saying to me, if I stay here, do I promise that I will keep her up to date and what’s happening to him and I said I would. She is still upstairs; she hasn’t come down yet. We think she might be sleeping.

Jerry: Now, my question is to you, are you happy for that to happen? So, I don’t care either way. I’m happy to travel to L.A. and drop her off. Christi, I’ll be honest with you – I’ll be honest with you. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

Jerry: She knows exactly what she is doing. No, I am saying, she does, she’s not a fool. Yes, exactly. Exactly. Now, so, yeah, yeah, pick him up and bring them through, get a car and take it to the apartment… And I’ve asked her would she go and see her shrink (psychiatrist) and she said she would.

Jerry: And as soon as she’s calm, and as soon as David has given her his medication, and medically gets herself sorted out… Then maybe later on in a week, in two days […] whatever David tells us, and then maybe then should talk.

Jerry: She keeps obviously doing the usual thing, and breaking down in tears, saying, “shall I go, shall I go, shall I go?” Yes, yeah, “Shall I leave? shall I leave? Shall I stay here and wait?”

Jerry: And I just said, “Look, I’ll be honest with you… they don’t want you to see him, because at the moment, that’s the problem. And at least she’s listening, but I mean every 5 minutes, she’s bursting into tears. Now, what I will say to you is that I know David is working on it, I’ve just spoken to Stephen.

Jerry: They’re at the hospital waiting for the hand surgeon to come in to try and fix Johnny’s finger. So that’s ok, alright?


Amber: I was upstairs, ready to pack and I found baggies of coke (cocaine) and whatever else.

Jerry: How much did you find?

Amber: E – E – Empty bags

Jerry: Empty bags. May I ask how many did you find?

Amber: Two… Uh two – one that had – one that looked like crushed – used to be crushed up coke (cocaine)… Um… We had all this coke (cocaine) lying around everywhere.

Jerry: You never mentioned coke (cocaine) up there.

Amber: Look [co] – let me explain it to you. Coke (cocaine) he’s hiding from me. All I was popping was Xanax, Adderall, Ecstasy and hallucinogens.

Jerry: ….

Amber: I hate that he hates me. I hate that I’m the one that has to deal with all the hurt. You know, I hate that I’m the… element that really sets it off. I hate that Jerry… and I don’t want to be that… I really hate it. Jerry my heart’s broken and I feel like I’m not going to get him back.

Jerry:  I don’t believe that. That’s not my point of view. I don’t believe that for a second.

Amber: No I wanted – I was trying to make that a very calm, rational point, and it’s hard to tell somebody… You know it’s hard to tell someone, before he goes off the deep end, of course. And I was trying to talk to him, rationally and stuff. And then of course, it’s you know… a fight. Before we can even process, we’re in the same awkward position.

Jerry: ….

Amber: But I feel so stupid Jerry. I brought all my stuff over here. I shipped things… I fucked up… I feel so stupid. I feel like, I’m really lost.

Jerry: I’ll help you… I’ll [never] let you… anything. Remember that. … taking it outside the best I can.

Ben: […]

Amber: Thank you guys so much… so sorry.

Jerry: It’s all part of the job sweetheart. It’s all part of the job. … put all this in the garage.

Ben: You reckon we roll this up?

Jerry: Yea

Ben: And probably need to think about getting things replaced.

Jerry: […] the table…

Amber: (Sound of tape peeling off) (Potential recording device falls) WHOOP – Jerry…

Jerry: Yea love?

Amber: Um, since we don’t have the hotel yet…

Jerry: What love?

Amber: Um…

(32:54) End of Audio Recording

Final Commentary from Brian:


So, there you have it. I hope you have a better understanding of what actually happened.

What I find to be interesting among many other things is again, how nobody including Amber is talking about the severe injuries she now claims she received.

Nobody is talking about a busted lip, or a broken nose or slashes all over her body and feet and legs and arms. It’s almost as if those injuries didn’t exist.

You would think if she was injured like she now claims, somebody would be getting her medical attention as well. But instead it’s Johnny who ended up in the hospital due to his injuries, while everyone else worked to get her home peacefully, in hopes she wouldn’t explode again along the way.

It’s also interesting how much her story and stories have evolved and changed and contradicted themselves from Johnny punching a wall and hurting his hand, to this taking place over a 3 day stretch now, when it really happened on one day. And even Johnny taking 10 Ecstasy tablets in a span of 2 hours and now she claims he took 8 overnight.

And then there’s the outright lies being told in Virginia and UK courts by Amber and “The Sun,” stating this occurred on March 04, 2015 when it was really March 08, 2015. And on top of that claiming this happened at night, when it actually happened during the day hours.

So much counter evidence has been stacking up against them, not to mention, as evidence has come to light that has shown that she was the aggressor and the one who assaulted him, causing him a severe injury, throwing her entire claims into question, she is now adding sexual violence to her allegations.

In my opinion, it is very clear with all the evidence that has come out over the past few months, that Amber is not being truthful about what happened during her relationship with Johnny Depp. We’ve heard her admit to abusing Johnny, mocking him, saying she can’t be rationalized or reasoned with and that she gets so mad she loses it.

And if you recall Ben King, who was tasked with flying Amber back to drop her off to her support system, and so she could see a shrink (psychiatrist)  and to make sure that she didn’t “kick off” or try to manipulate him, was asked twice on the flight back by Amber, “Have you ever been so angry with someone that you just lost it?,” seemingly already trying to get him to justify her violent actions.

And now we have the immediate aftermath of an incident, a crime scene that I believe points to more lies from her, including the amount of covering up it took to keep her violent episodes hidden in the lengths it took to keep her calm. I think that she, as she would describe it, got so mad she lost it.

I think she cut off the end of Johnny’s finger, just one month into their marriage by the way, and then was scrambling to place any sort of blame on him, while also screaming and crying, because she knew she had finally done something that might open his eyes and she might actually lose him. And she secretly recorded the whole thing and submitted it along with a much less accurate transcript back in 2016 during her initial claims.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe she was hoping that she could just cherry pick from it and use the inaccurate transcript to apply more public pressure to Johnny at the time. Even though the audio paints a much different picture, she was panicking, knowing her actions could cost her everything she believed she worked so hard to make happen.

I believe she committed a crime, a violent assault. And yet, [she] wanted to stay there to be with this man who she claims had just violently, physically and sexually assaulted her. To take care of him while he healed from his injuries and that she was the only one who could. There’s so much about her ever-changing stories that just wasn’t adding up and now I truly believe I understand why.

It seems me that this has always been a case of “Flipping the Script” and so many people bought her version of the events at first, but I’m thankful the truth continues to take giant leaps forward. It makes me wonder how much longer “The Sun” plans to stand behind her in the face of these truths.

Thanks for sticking around everyone. My next video hopefully won’t take as long to produce. This one was one heck of an under-taking. Next, I plan to begin a long exposure of Amber’s key witness, Raquel Pennington, and the massive lies I believe she has told. Once I’ve gone over them in detail, I will begin to work on videos about others who I believe have aided Amber in her Hoax.

Thanks again for watching and until next time, if there is a next time… take care. -(Brian McPherson)

(36:53) End Video

Again, thank you to Brian McPherson for the making of this video that we were able to transcribe into Text so it may be translated into many Languages. You can find him on his “YouTube” channel by searching for “Incredibly Average” and all his insightful videos relating to “Johnny Depp and the Amber Heard Hoax,” or on Twitter @thatbrianfella.

This text document was created in hopes it will help those that speak a language other than English. Translations are not always completely accurate. Sentence structure and punctuation for each language can cause errors; all efforts have been made to make this written document as grammatically sound for all languages, however text may be altered in translation unintentionally.

Please feel free to take the page and copy it to your own preferred translator, or use the translator provided here on this web page. Please do not copy this document for profit. If you reference this transcript, please give credit to Brian McPherson. He was the one who tirelessly created the original video so truth is available to everyone. Thank you. mms


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